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An ERP Specification Template for Successful ERP Selection

Vorlage ERP Lastenheft

Has your company decided to implement an ERP system? Now begins the selection process in which details make all the difference. One of the first steps is creating the basis for a successful ERP selection with a well-structured specification sheet. How can this be accomplished easily and professionally? And how can an ERP specification template support you in this? You will find answers in this blog!


Create Your ERP Specifications With the Specification Template

Use the ERP Planner to create your specification sheet at no cost. Read on to find out more about the topic of ERP specification sheets and specification templates.

Basics of the ERP Specification

Before we take a closer look at the specification template for ERP software, we would like to provide you with some basic knowledge. It will help you avoid fundamental mistakes when formulating your specifications. The FAQs in this context are as follows:

What is a Specification Sheet?

A requirement specification sheet is also called a requirements catalog or requirements specification. It contains all of a company's requirements for the solutions of potential ERP providers. It is usually created on the basis of a process and requirements analysis in the individual specialist departments.

How is a Specification Sheet Structured?

An ERP specification sheet is not just a list of requirements. It should have a structure that includes the following aspects:

  • Company description
  • Products and services
  • Market environment and unique selling points
  • Current situation in the IT landscape, number of users
  • Strategic goals
  • Process-oriented description of the requirements
  • Schedule
  • Contact person


How Detailed Should an ERP Specification Be?

An ERP requirement specification should describe your technical requirements in such a way that they can be easily understood both internally and by the ERP provider. The challenge here is to choose the right level of detail. If it is too low, important functions may be missing in the end. A description that is too superficial leads to numerous queries and misunderstandings. On the other hand, too high a level of detail - i.e. a specification sheet that covers every eventuality - can hardly be managed by the ERP providers and leads to a workload that is not in proportion to the benefit. A professional ERP specification template supports you in choosing the right level of information.

What is the Difference Between a Requirement Specification and a Functional Specification?

While the specification sheet describes the technical/functional requirements, the specification sheet deals with the question of how the requirements should be implemented. The ERP requirement specification is created by the customer, the functional specification, on the other hand, by the ERP provider. 

Creating the Requirement Specification: What Options Do You Have?

You can either have an external ERP consultant create a specification sheet or you can write it yourself. If you are doing it yourself, you should use an ERP specification template (e.g. Excel). This is especially true if this is your first time undertaking a task of this complexity.


What Does an Optimal Specification Template for ERP Software Look Like?

Your specification must meet many requirements. It should be well structured, process-oriented and solution-neutral. The level of detail also has to be right. A wide variety of tools and specification templates are available for download on the Internet, and they sometimes differ considerably from one another. The spectrum ranges from simple Excel tables to extremely complex lists of requirements and questionnaires. It is important to find a happy medium. The template should not be too extensive, but still take into account all relevant points. Especially with the requirements list, a template helps you include all processes and relevant information.


Best Choice: A Specification Template in Excel Format

We recommend using a specification template in Excel. There are several reasons for this. Providers can deliver their answers in this format in a structured manner, so that they can later be easily compared with other vendor submissions. The degree of fulfillment of your requirements can also be determined more easily with the help of Excel. It also becomes clear what is included in the standard software, what customization is necessary, and what aspects require the use of third-party systems.


What Happens After the Specification Sheet Has Been Completed?

After you have created your specification sheet for the ERP system with a template, it is sent to the ERP providers on your "long list". You can use the answers from the ERP providers to compare the ERP systems and services. Potentially suitable solutions can then be used to select your “short list”. Providers who are on this list will invite you to meetings to continue the selection process. In this context, you have the opportunity to compare your requirements list and the functions offered in detail.

If the ERP provider can meet your requirements and is a good fit, then the specification follows. It is created by the provider and shows what their solutions look like for the individual requirements. In combination with the offer, the requirement specification represents the contractual basis of the services to be fulfilled. It is also the basis for the ERP implementation and the subsequent project acceptance.


ERP Planner: The Specification Template Simplifies Creation

The proper creation of the specification sheet is a complicated task. It is made much easier with a suitable template. An Excel specification template offers a good structure for everyone involved and enables better comparison of vendor capabilities.

Are you looking for a specification template to download and a tool that will guide you interactively during creation? Then we recommend the free specification generator "ERP Planner", which is suitable for companies in all industries. It's a step by step guide through all the required information in the form of questions. The focus is on your requirements for the new ERP software. The interface is clear and intuitive, facilitating efficient creation of the specification sheet. You can temporarily save your entries at any time and complete the template later

When you've entered all your information, simply click on “Generate specification sheet”. ERP Planner then provides you with your individual ERP specifications for download in Excel format. You can edit and add to this Excel table if necessary - for example, if you want to incorporate feedback from various specialist departments.

The ERP Planner tool is made available at no cost.


Create Your Specification Sheet with the ERP Planner Today!

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