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Blog on the Subject of ERP Specifications

As the heart of the ERP selection process, the specification sheet plays a central role before and during the ERP selection. That is why we would like to provide you with some current and helpful articles about the creation of an ERP specification sheet. Related topics such as developments impacting the ERP selection itself or upgrading the ERP system are also discussed.

ERP systems are now established in companies of all sizes and industries. Modern ERP systems contribute to added value and maintaining competitiveness.

The specification sheet is at the heart of choosing the right ERP system. Mistakes can have serious consequences and result in costly adjustments.

Has your company decided to implement a new ERP system? If so, you now face a selection process in which you need to be organized and disciplined. The best way to ensure  a successful ERP selection is by utilizing a well-structured specification sheet.  

Which topics will be relevant in the ERP market in the future? Which trends should medium-sized companies embrace in order to be well positioned the future? This article highlights the current ERP trends that you should be aware of when creating a specification.

When selecting the ERP solution, the specification sheet and the functional specification play an critical role in making the ERP project a success.

The ERP market has changed a lot in the past ten years. [Nbsp] Anyone who deals with the implementation of new business software these days is confronted with a confusing and crowded ERP market. [Nbsp]

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis poses major challenges for numerous SMEs. Just a few examples are disruptions in supply chains, slumps in sales, new legal requirements, and staff shortages.

The situation is serious; in many companies the operational business has been suffering for months. But the Covid-19 crisis can also be an opportunity to advance digitization projects.

Have you taken into account all of the information in the ERP specifications? The selection of a suitable ERP provider is a complicated process. In order to stay organized and identify the best possible solution, a systematic approach is essential.