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FAQ ERP Planner: Answers to the most common questions about the specification sheet
  • FAQ ERP Planner: Answers to the most common questions about the specification sheet

FAQ - Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about the ERP Planner? You're in the right place! Dive into the FAQ and get your questions answered.

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Why do I need an ERP specification?

The creation of a specification is an important step in the selection of a new ERP system. Because in the course of an ERP implementation, all business processes and requirements of a company must be mapped or re-modeled. The specification sheet is the heart of the ERP selection process and therefore critical for the success of your ERP project!

What advantages does the ERP Planner offer compared to a consultant?

The big advantage compared to external ERP consultants is, in addition to the flexibility in terms of time when processing the questionnaire, the cost savings. A company can develop a detailed study of which requirements the new software must meet without taking on unnecessary costs.

Is the ERP Planner free?

Yes, with the ERP Planner you can configure your specification sheet free of charge.

How do I create the specification sheet?

In order to generate your individual specification, you must first register online - Register Here
The free “ERP Planner” then takes you step-by-step through seven different categories, presenting all the important questions that need to be considered on the way to the final selection of a software provider. During the configuration, you can take the time to discuss open issues with the relevant departments and responsible colleagues.

How do I get the specification sheet?

After you have completed the question categories, you can download the specification sheet as an editable Excel file.

Can all ERP Planner questions be downloaded in advance?

After entering your basic data, you can generate the specification sheet and receive all of the ERP Planner's questions in an editable table. However, we recommend answering the questions online - this will guide you efficiently through all the questions.

Can I save my work in progress?

The questionnaire does not necessarily have to be completed in one sitting. Thanks to the automatic save function, you can save your work and return to continue editing at any time.

Can I still make changes later?

Thanks to the automatic save function, you can continue editing at any time.

Do I have to fill out the specification sheet in full?

You can of course interrupt the creation of your specifications at any time and continue at a later point in time, for example to consult with specialist departments. Or you can generate the partially completed specification sheet and add further information to the file offline.

How should I proceed after drawing up the specification sheet?

After you have created your individual requirement specification, you can send it to the ERP providers you are interested in ("long list"). Based on the answers from the ERP providers, you can compare the ERP systems and services with one another and begin the selection of potentially suitable solutions. In workshops with the ERP providers on this "short list", you will examine the processes and requirements from the specifications in detail. Everything fits and the chemistry is right? This is followed by the specification sheet, in which the ERP provider shows what his solution to the requirements looks like. In combination with the offer, the requirement specification represents the contractual basis of the services to be fulfilled and is the basis for the ERP implementation as well as the subsequent project acceptance.

I have generated the specification, but would like to receive additional advice. Is that possible?

Of course, we would be happy to advise you on your ERP selection and support you in optimizing your processes. Just give us a call at  +49-721-96723-340 or send us an email help@erpplanner.com

How do I get to my online account?

Have you already registered? You can access your account via this link: Login

Where can I register?

Register here in just a few steps: Register

Is my information safe?

Data protection is an important concern for us. The processing of your data takes place exclusively in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations of your country. Learn more about data protection:   Data Protection

Will I be contacted?

By registering, you agree that your data may be stored and used for further support and information in accordance with the data protection declaration. You can change this consent at any time by sending a message to help@erpplanner.com

How do I delete my account?

Please email the ERP Planner team at: help@erpplanner.com

I would like to change my user data. What should I do?

You can easily change your user data by clicking on "My Account" then "Profile". There you have an overview of your stored data and can make edits.

I've forgotten my password. How can I set a new password?

 Simply click on "Forgot Password" to change/reset your password.


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