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Now you can easily generate your ERP specification With the ERP Planner you can create your individual specification sheet free of charge - tailored to the needs of your company.

The requirement specification is the heart of the ERP selection process and therefore crucial for the success of your ERP project! The focus is on the requirements that your company has of the new ERP system. The ERP Planner guides you step by step through all the important questions that are necessary to create a professionally structured specification sheet. Simply and conveniently. The requirement specification creates the basis for the successful selection of your new ERP system or your new ERP provider.

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Why you should use the free ERP Planner to generate your specifications

What strategic and departmental goals is your company pursuing with the ERP project? What are the specific requirements for new business software? Which processes should be optimized? The creation of a specification is critical, especially when it comes to the depth of information. Ideally, the specification is process-oriented, structured, solution-neutral and offers a suitable level of detail.

Advantages of the ERP Planner specification generator

Generate ERP specifications easily and intuitively

Editing at your own pace

Independent requirement specification creation

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